Rich Vocabulary Part II. Creative Ideas to explore.

Hello and welcome back to Smart Mom’s Thursday. We come back to part II of our vocabulary series. In this part, we will focus on fun ideas that will also make them think and take creative leaps with the language.  Here goes.

1. Talk about what you are doing. It will help their fluency. “I am going to make dinner. Would you like to help me? Let us scrape some carrots.” Or, “Let us wear these pyjamas. Put in your right leg first.”

2. Play word games. Here is an example. Take turns in finding words that start with the same letter. My Grandma’s monkey munches melon and mushy mangoes!!

3. Make up stories. Making up stories is one of the best activities to develop vocabulary. Start a story, then take turns adding a sentence. You could also write these stories and read them back to your child.

4. Play the colour game. Take turns spotting colours of objects. Start with primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow.
Then ask the child to spot as many blue things as possible. Go on extending. How many yellow foods can she think of? How many things in the house are white?

Then introduce new colours, navy blue, khaki, emerald, gold or cherry. Explain where some of the names come from, such as fruit, precious stones & metals.

Remember, colour knowledge is important for visual discrimination as well as vocabulary.

5. Seek opportunities to introduce new words. So for example, when you are in the kitchen, go from cut to chop to slice.

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