The school of hard knocks.

Being involved with our children, taking care of their well-being, is good parenting. Snowplow parenting, that’s another aspect altogether. We may rise to the occasion and save the day for our kids today and maybe tomorrow, but are we empowering them with the lessons that are learnt in the school of hard knocks then? How do our children learn to weather the storm that life is about if we don’t allow them to experience even the light rain, know the positives and the negatives?

Have a look at some facts from the NY Times:

What does the Child need?
An interactive learning program like Brainologi that builds skills in a fun way.

How does Brainologi help?
At Brainologi, our mission is to prepare kids with skills for the 21st century. We develop structured and researched curriculum and activities that develop Logic, Reasoning, Analysis and other critical thinking skills.

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