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Now buy our workbook from Amazon. Dear Parents, a lot of you asked if these worksheets are available in a book form. Now they are!  The workbook has all the activities you have seen and more. Each challenge comes with varying level of difficulty and also tells you what the learning outcome should be. Click here to buy now

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon! Our older advanced courses for 7-8 years age group is almost here. And we are very excited. With more intricate questions and lovely visuals, we are here to delight your child and take them on a path of challenges that will make them super sharp. Watch this space.  

Brainologi & ParentEDGE magazine come together.

Brainologi and ParentEDGE come together. Check us out in the latest issue of ParentEdge magazine. Enter the featured contest and you could be a lucky winner of our 2-month learning programme and the learning box. Watch this space for details of the upcoming contest.

ParentEDGE contest is here!

ParentEDGE contest now open to Brainologi users! Enter the ParentEDGE contest and you could win a programme absolutely FREE! Hurry and send your entries now.

A mind bender in Logic.

A mind bender in Logical Sequencing. These are the kind problems your child will see a lot of as they grow older. In advanced math as well as competitive exams. So here are is something for your 7-8 year old to try.

Patterns in data.

Patterns in data One of the key skills our kids will need for tomorrow is to be able to read patterns in data and information. Here is a simple and visual way to make a beginning. Look out as we bring more complex problems in the coming weeks.

What happens next?

What happens next? Hmm.. a question we spend a good part of our professional lives answering to take decisions. No wonder most competitive exams contain many of these questions. So get your child to start practising. This question is suitable for 7+ years of age.

Development Of Minute Observation Skills.

Development Of Minute Observation Skills. In this fast track world with multiple and simultaneous data being thrown at us, developing minute observation skills is necessary. Look out for new and innovative problems to challenge your kid. Let us help our kids be ready for a different world.

Time waits for no one.

Time waits for no one. As these clocks show. This questions tests both logical sequence building as well reading clocks. Go ahead, this is the age when your child is absorbing concepts like a sponge. Don’t lose this time.