Handling Information overload.

      Reasoning skills are important to human civilization, especially in this era of excessive information that constantly changes and can be confusing. Research indicates that for a meaningful world and for the ability to face challenges, reasoning skills need to be honed ( Shu, 2000). Brainologi recognizes this need and understands that there

Rich Vocabulary Part II. Creative Ideas to explore.

Hello and welcome back to Smart Mom’s Thursday. We come back to part II of our vocabulary series. In this part, we will focus on fun ideas that will also make them think and take creative leaps with the language.  Here goes. 1. Talk about what you are doing. It will help their fluency. “I am

What is in our Application Kit?

And why your child will love it. Our Application Kits are designed to help your child understand and apply concepts learnt. And they are loads of fun. The kit of our first module helps build ideas on Logical Sequence. The kids make their own small little animation by building a  Zoetrope (what is a Zoeptrope?).

Mom’s help? Only this much.

As parents, we struggle. We would like to help our child. But how much is too much? At the end of the day, our task is to make them independent and ready for the world. Here is some guidance from our resident child development specialist. 1. Ensure success This doesn’t mean making things too easy.

Smart Mom’s Thursday. Developing a Rich Vocabulary Part I

Lots of moms ask us about how to make their children better their language skills. Especially English. It is a crucial skill for any kind of success. Words help us think, create ideas & reason. A weak vocabulary inhibits development of reasoning skills. A rich vocabulary leads to higher levels of reasoning, creativity and communication skills. Skills, that