Brainologi is step by step, self-learning programme for 5-10-year olds. A program which helps your child become a better thinker and learner.

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You download the first lesson on your android mobile phone/tablet. Your child begins class, a game-like lesson, on an underwater island. MacFoxy the fox, guides your child through the lesson.

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While 18-20 years from now, the world might seem more complex, more competitive, with more educated and trained people than today, the good news is that there will also be more kinds of opportunities to succeed!

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” My kid loved to do the Brainologi
He does it very

Meena Murari

“Brainologi is a new concept of education. Kids are inspired to do it. My daughter likes the l’stars she gets while playing”

Sandhya Srinivas

Brainologi is such a fun-educational program for kids. My daughter always wants to play more”

Sharmila Anand

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